Inspired by “Pachira Aquatica” or “Money Tree” -a tropical wetland tree with solid roots and a braided trunk- Millesime-IS focuses on 3 core intertwined competencies to achieve state of the art solutions: Macro analysis, Quant research and Risk Management.



Our Philosophy

Our Team

Guillaume Futhazar


Guillaume Futhazar over 6 years experience in Finance, spent mainly within investment banking and investment management groups (CACIB, Natixis, BNPP Cardif, Rothschild & Cie). In particular, he has developed and managed systematic quantitative investment strategies, especially market neutral strategies. Moreover, he has actively taken part in the setting up of a new entity within Rothschild & Cie, called RBIS (Risk Based Investment Solutions).



Email: guillaume.futhazar@millesime-is.com

Phone: +33 6 59 44 55

Skype: guillaume_futhazar



Thomas Raffinot


Thomas Raffinot has 14 years of experience in the industry, both as a strategist and economist (CPR AM, BNPP Cardif). He focuses on research and developing global macro investments. He works closely with clients on tactical and strategic asset allocation, assisting them in interpreting and translating macroeconomic and policy factors into tailored investment strategy. He writes extensively on monetary policy, asset allocation issues, investment opportunities and risks.


Email: thomas.raffinot@millesime-is.com

Phone: +33 6 07 44 16 09

Skype: traffinot

Twitter: @thomas_raffinot




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